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Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island
Thermal Baths at Polychnitou

Listed as the hottest mineral springs in Europe, the Polychnitou baths themselves and the area surrounding them is like visiting another planet where rivers boil and leave residues of brilliant colors and formations.

The bath house itself is open daily but their hours vary, particularly in the winter when they are only open a few hours a day in the late afternoon. You can phone or fax them or get the concierge at your hotel or your travel agent to contact them. Generally in the months of July and August they are open daily from 7:00 to Noon and then from 3:00 until 8:00 pm. For more info phone or FAX (22520) 42678.  I recommend staying at the Hotel Aphrodite Beach in nearby Vatera which is about a ten minute drive to the baths. There is bus service or you can get a taxi but I recommend renting a car so you can come whenever you want and visit some of the other spas on the island.

The old bridge over the stream

The current bath house 

The room is lit by shafts of light that come through the small windows

Notice the small clock on the wall so you don't stay in too long

There are rooms to rent here.

These streams come from boiling springs and are too hot to touch

People do a sort of breathing therapy around this pond of boiling hot mineral water.

Andrea and Amarandi relax in the warm water

Old Turkish bath


There is a warning not to touch the water of the stream which is boiling hot and leaves colorful sediment along it's bed.

Erica is no longer the caretaker but it is because of the hard work of she and her husband that the baths at Polychnitou are what they are today.

Friends of a Green Lesvos

Lesbos is the most beautiful and ecologically rich of the Eastern Aegean Islands. Its beauty and richness are important both to those who live and work there and to its many visitors.

The Friends of Green Lesbos is an international society for all who want to see the rich and wonderful environment of Lesbos protected and enhanced.

We will campaign for policies and actions to defend, protect and enhance the environment of the island of Lesbos for the benefit of all those who live and work on the island, for those who visit it and for future generations. Membership is free and open to all who subscribe to these aims. The issues and policies on which we campaign will be decided by the membership.

Membership is free to all. Please join us. For more information
please use this form

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